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About Our Company

IDP provides sustainable development insights through business and economic principals, utilising various industry knowledge and expertise translate statistically sampled data, quantify real world phenomena and manage risk. The platform of information and analytical support is through the applied science of Geographic Information System and spatial integration and development of data to deliver on the demands of the project programme and deliverables.

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Our Mission:

- To enable sustainable investments through scientific research and spatial      analytics.

- To create healthy urban spaces and economic viable communities.

- To harness growth to develop viable social, economic and environmental impact driven projects for future generations.

Our Vision:

To be the preferred investment property and investment research advisory in Africa.

Our Values:

- Commitment

- Quality

- Teamwork

- Innovation

- Integrity

- Community and Client Centric

- To inform build environment projects that shapes and creates vibrant urban geographies for the communities that lives in it presently and positively impact future generations.


Services we Provide

Location Intelligence

Understanding and interpreting critical success factors for selecting optimal sites to establish long term economic viable retail or commercial developments.

Market Research Services

Providing pre and post development market intelligence so that best use case for a specific site can be assessed or re-positioned;

- shopping centres

- residential

- commercial

- tourism

Marketing Research Services

Bespoke data collection, analysis and reporting for  specialised investigative market research;

- customers / consumers

- product

- target market / geo-targeted areas


- Providing online GIS platforms for companies that do not have spatial capabilities.

- Developing shared workspaces for GIS data or spatial data projects.

GIS Services

GPS Fieldwork and Project Management

▪ GPS data capturing

▪ GIS integration

▪ GIS design

▪ Recruitment and skills transfer

Mapping Services

Urban Precinct Audits

IDP has experience to formulate strategies to improve the economic performance of an area. To ensure that economic growth takes place in an area it is important that sustainable development is promoted. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Development research
Location intelligence
urban precinct audits

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